Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

So the rainbow cake was only my second "official" cake, but I wanted to post pictures of the cakes and cupcakes I've done before!

Owl Fondant Cake

This was my second attempt at using fondant.  My first attempt was pretty shabby.  I don't even think I have a picture of my first try.  This one was completely covered in fondant, but I usually prefer to just use fondant for decorations.

First Owl Cupcakes
Ha, I was still working on my icing technique at this point.  Buttercream icing, fondant decorations.

Jessica, Michaela, and Kayla's Owl/Bird Cupcakes
It was a bird/feather themed party!  So much fun!

Tara's Pumpkin baby shower!

A pink pumpkin cake!  I was so afraid to make this, because I'd never done ANYTHING like it before.  I ended up having to melt the icing and pour it over the cake.  Fortunately the texture wasn't too bad, and the fondant decorations were good for covering up the messy bottom!

First Icing Decoration
First time I had ever iced a round cake.  First time using icing bag to decorate.  Thankfully I had already gotten some tips from my friend Marcia (who also makes awesome cakes!).  It was just practice, so this cake ended up going to Noah's (because apparently, the kid never eats).

Oh, and I'm still getting the hang of how to edit these posts, so have patience with my horrible formatting.  And if anyone has some advice, shoot me a message!


kayla ingram said...

you are so gooooooooood at this!

Jessica said...

thank you, lovely ;)