Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Advertising Success

During the 50% of my time that I apparently spend watching television, I have noticed the increasing quality of music being used in commercials. I have looked up quite a few and found some amazing songs and artists. So here I have listed some of my favorites, including the song, the artist, and the associated commercial. Hopefully you'll look and find some that you like too.

"Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop"
by: Landon Pigg
"A Diamond is Forever" Commercial

by: Francois-Paul Aiche
"Pirates" Clorox Commercial

by: Francois-Paul Aiche
"Mermaids" Clorox Commercial

"New Shoes"
by: Paolo Nutini
"Usan by Puma" Commercial

"Sweet Pea"
by: Amos Lee
AT&T Commercial

"We're All In This Together"
by: Ben Lee
Kohl's Commercial

"The Way I Am"
by: Ingrid Michaelson
Old Navy Commercial

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