Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rhodes and Crete

Rhodes was SO much different from most of the cities we had been visiting.  That is because Rhodes has been infiltrated and influenced by many, many different cultures.  There were Roman, Ottoman, Medieval, and Italian influences, and all can be seen in architectural structures and the culture!

So, we started our exploration off with gelato!  I love this stuff;  it is so delicious, and I'm pretty sure I had it at least ten times over the course of our trip.  I think my favorite part is how the prepare it to be visually tasty too!
They use fresh fruits and ingredients.  It's not like going to Baskin Robbins or Coldstone and having plain, boring ice cream scooped out of buckets.
Then we got to explore for a little while.  We ended up visiting this castle-like museum.  There were several pieces of Greek art that I really enjoyed viewing and learning about.

Like these boxes, that were often used to store the bones of the deceased.  The pictures on the outside often told a story of who the person was.  For instance, if they were and mother or father, their occupation, or how wealthy they were.
Kate and I then decided to set out on our own.  We were trying to find our way back to the town square, so I just decided to head in that general direction, not really knowing where I was going.  Kate was convinced we were getting lost.  I just kept walking down the most obscure alleys and walkways, and I also thought we might be lost for a minute. Ha
But the best part was that there were no tourists there.  It felt more authentic to be walking in places that the Greek people usually only frequent.  We came across this French phrase on the wall in one of the alleys.  I could only translate part of it, so I stole this translation from the lovely Kate.
"Without you, the emotions of today would be the dead skin of the emotions of the past"

Needless to say, we did find our way back to the square, thanks to me! Haha.  It was so much fun to watch everyone in the town square.  These restaurant employees would stand on the balconies and entice people in the square to come eat there.
They were so charming, and if you made eye contact with any of them, you were dead meat.  They would not leave you alone!  We also got to relax by the water for a while, tired of all the walking.  It still amazes me how clean their water is!  This picture was taken in the harbor, which baffles me even more.

Crete was probably the least exciting of all the islands.  We were supposed to visit a different side of the island where we would visit an archeological site, but we landed on the city side instead.  But I did get some really great panorama pictures.

I also LOVED some of the architecture I saw!
This is a Greek Orthodox church
I also loved the artwork we saw on these stairs.

And another picture of the gorgeous water, in Crete this time.

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