Thursday, November 12, 2009


We only spent a few hours in Santorini, but it was one of my favorite cities!


As we were pulling into the harbor, it was SO windy!  Kate is probably going to kill me for this, but I think it captures the moment perfectly! Haha!

We also had the "wonderful" opportunity to ride donkeys up the side of the cliff to the city. Can you see the light, squiggly line between the left and center of the picture, that leads to the top of the cliff?  Yeah, that's the path that they donkeys walk on.  It was absolutely TERRIFYING!!!  Ha, well maybe not so bad, but I sure was scared.

Poor donkeys....
 The only thing we did was walk around and look at all the cute shops.  I got some cute pictures.  Enjoy!

Thankfully we decided to ride the cable cars back down the cliff!  This is Kate being super happy about that! Haha (not really)

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